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Unleashing The Power of Real-Time Connections

As a parent, how are you monitoring your child's progress in school?

Do you have relatives whom you are paying for school fees in Kenya?

Are you relying on emails and WhatsApp groups for communication about the child?

Are ordinary tasks like record-keeping still being handwritten?

How are you communicating with your child's school? 

We have a better solution for you!


The Samar School App.



Samar Systems school app is an easy-to-use tool that enables teachers and parents to facilitate communication about their students and children, respectively. It is designed with simplicity, security, transparency, and cost-effectiveness in mind. 


Our School App Key Features are:



Samar Systems is a leading software development company with bases in all five continents. Its mission is to aid institutions globally through innovation and originality to transform the technological landscape in less developed nations in Africa and assist them in making it on the world stage. We centralize Master Data from various domains into a single system to maximum output for effective communication channels. 


Our platform can be configured to serve as a backend for rapid development of mobile apps, to serve as a PIM system, EMR Health Care system, MDM, ERP, and many such applications.


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