You Are Not Losing It (YANLI) - Hidden Abuse 

The journey to let go of the hurt, get inner healing, silence the inner critic to boost self-esteem and build healthy relationships. 


Do you fight for the same issues over and over with no permanent solutions? Do you feel less or not good enough in your relationship? Do you feel like a detective in your relationship? Do you find it hard to explain what the exact issue is? Do you feel hurt, angry and stuck? Do you feel exhausted and desperate for peace or/and change? Do you feel like you are crazy or losing it?


At YANLI we strive to create awareness by shining a light on hidden abuse in a romantic relationship setting; equip by educating and empowering individuals who find themselves in toxic abusive romantic relationships. Recovery from domestic abuse starts with helping you UNDERSTAND what happened to you, providing tools, resources, and tips to help you to silence the inner critic and let go of the hurt to help you HEAL. We provide support and guidance to set goals, adopt healthy daily habits & activities to enable you to FLOURISH.


It is not what is wrong with you but what happened to you.

You are not losing it!



A Pathway To Healing. Start your journey to healing domestic abuse trauma and codependency. 

Our goal is to empower you after domestic abuse to gain control and authority over your life, and to offer guidance and  encouragement, and find hope to get motivated, take charge and flourish. My services include highlighting and focusing on what you need to know to understand the challenges that come with recovery after abuse, make informed decisions, and take the required positive steps while prioritizing safety.

At YANLI we offer:  



We believe that healthy relationships are the foundation of a healthy family and empowered thriving community where every person regardless of age, race, color, origin, or gender feels safe and valued in the community. 

To book your initial free 30 minute consultation and start your Pathway To Healing, connect with us via: 

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